Tips to learn French easily

Thursday, May 7, 2009 | |

Here are some useful tips for learning French that may help you, you should consider these tips to make things easier and to immerse yourself in the language.

  • Get involved: Practice the language alot and put yourself in an environment that can help you practice the new learned language. Read a French magazine or book, watch French movies, shows and listen to French music.

  • Use the online softwares available, one of the best is the Rocket French program that contains many audio and video lessons that allows you to REALLY speak French in a very easy way for a low price.

  • French subtitles: Watch your favourite DVD movies in French or choose the French subtitles so you can get the grasp of the language, both written and spoken.

  • Meet some French dudes! Do you have a French friends? Know any body from France in your job, school or neighbourhood? Try talking with French people and try to understand the culture, the jokes and so on.

  • French websites : visit French websites and chat with French people online, this is a good excercise for your skills that will put your abilities into action very quickly.

  • Deeper! If you want to study the new language more, try to learn the grammars, the tenses and the different rules.

  • Compare the similar words in French and English you will find a similarity in some words, this may be helpful for you to remember the new words easily.

  • You can choose either to take a class or use a software as the one mentioned above. Taking a class in reality can be motivating but a little harder (takes effort, time and money) and you may not be able to keep your dates. Using a computer software is so much easier and will give you the freedom to organise your time and learn at your own "rhythm", specially if you love what you are doing. You can choose if you wanna learn for 2 hours or for 6 hours every day, or on any time you want. With a software like Rocket French you have full control over your learning process.

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